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Flagpole Installation

RI Flags LLC sells and installs a complete line of fiberglass and aluminum flag poles for residential or commercial sites.

A well located, appropriately sized flagpole enhances the beauty and value of your home. We can do a site visit to help you determine the ideal location for your pole. We’ll also make recommendations on the best size for your setting. 

Sizes range from 15 to 100 feet in height, with 20-25 feet being most common for residential applications. 

We’ll help you choose the features for your pole, with internal or external halyards, and ground sleeve or hinge base mounting. We can also add a yardarm or gaff to your pole.

Ground sleeve
PLP 30XHB Hinge picture.jpg

Ground Sleeve

Hinge Base

We are a distributor for top flagpole manufacturers in the U.S. 

PLP Fiberglass poles from Zeus Flagpoles of New Hampshire.


Flags, poles, and parts from Eder Flag Manufacturing Co. of Wisconsin.


Fiberglass poles from Atlantic Fiberglass Products of North Carolina.


Flags, poles, and parts from Concord American Flagpole.

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